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yet more from ND on CP

I have previously linked to earlier articles on Civil Partnerships in New Directions by Nicholas Turner. Now here is the latest, from the September 2005 issue: Blessings of silence.

The same issue also has What did they mean? by Gerry O’Brien who:

was not happy with the House of Bishops’ statement on Civil Partnerships, viewing it as too subtle and convoluted by half. He preferred the more forthright response of Archbishop Akinola

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Martin Reynolds
18 years ago

The two articles from New Directions are themselves an example of the opposing views with respect to CPs. The one argues Pete Broadbent’s view that they are a “non-category” or “nonsense category” made clear by the fact they have no declarations or vows to give context and real expression to what is happening. Thus, as a silent nothing they only qualify for a silent response (and not I assume intended as Prayerful or affirming in the Quaker sense!) While the other says Akinola is right to see CPs as gay marriage in all but name and the CofE is wrong… Read more »

Simon Dawson
Simon Dawson
18 years ago

I think Nicholas Turner’s criticism is unfair and disingenious. Remember the history of this legislation. The partnership procedure was originally proposed to rectify longstanding unfairness in current legislation surrounding, for example, pension rights, rules for inheritance, “next of kin” rights in hospital visiting etc. The Church itself said in its response that this legislation is necessary and would lead to greater justice and fairness. But the Church also said that there would be problems if this partnership was seen to copy marriage too closely. The Government therefore produced a partnership register based on an economic agreement to rectify the legal/financial… Read more »

Vincent Coles
Vincent Coles
18 years ago

“a partnership register based on an economic agreement to rectify the legal/financial financial problems” – if only it were so! There are many categories of people who would welcome such an arrangement – siblings sharing a house, people caring for relatives, for example – which would only put them on a par with what rich people can organise for themselves with the help of accountants and lawyers. The very reason why civil partnerships are being viewed as gay marriage is precisely because so many people have been excluded from them because sexuality has effectively been written into the nature of… Read more »

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