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Archbishop speaks

There was a splendid interview of Dr John Sentamu, the new Archbishop of York, on the BBC Today programme this morning. Listen to it here.

Friday afternoon update

A number of online reports of the interview have now appeared.

Telegraph Archbishop of York reveals his anger at racist letters
Times Racists sent excrement-filled letters to black Archbishop
BBC Hate mail sent to new archbishop

Anglican Mainstream has published this fragment of a transcript.

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J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

Splendid, indeed. 🙂

I particularly liked, when the interviewer asked about “The Issue” how +Sentamu responded (IIRC) “I’m just working for a Church where ALL are transfigured in Christ”. Amen to that!

Re the “letters”: those who sent (s*)it, are full of it!!! >:-(

Alan Harrison
Alan Harrison
18 years ago

I’m appalled by the racist letters to +John Ebor:, but I don’t quite know what to make of his response. Is it a suitably gracious response by someone who has just become “His Grace” or is it a touch naive? I speak as one who comes from what Americans might call a “poor white” area and I know that racism is all too prevalent in Britain. Can we find a collective way of showing our support for His Grace?

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