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David Austin cartoon

The cartoonist David Austin has died.
You can read a Guardian obit of him by Steve Bell.
But Andrew Brown has published a wonderful ecclesiastical cartoon by David Austin on his blog here.

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Rob Hall
Rob Hall
18 years ago

Some light may be thrown on Peter Akinola’s ambitions and view of himself by the announcement of the so-called ‘Global South’ website by the Church of Nigeria News (CONN/721105), which begins with what can only be a deliberate copying of St Luke’s Gospel: “Since many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been accomplished among us, just as they were told by eyewitnesses or third party reports, it seemed good also to the secretariat of the Global South having all relevant documents and recordings of the activities of the fellowship to write an orderly account… Read more »

Augustus Meriwether
18 years ago

Re: David Austin. Sad to hear of his death. He was a genius cartoonist. I can’t think of another topical cartoonist who could actually make me laugh out loud. Re: Rob Hall’s post re Akinola. (I think the item is located here: ) It’s all gone to his head, hasn’t it? I don’t so much find it offensive as quite scarey. First there is the apparently autocratic way he handles the publication of the last letter to Dr Rowan Williams, and now this. Oh, and then there is all that ‘Third Trumpet’ malarky. It’s like he’s almost, nearly, thinking… Read more »

Göran Koch-Swahne
18 years ago

The Psychologists of Religion call this phenomenon Role-switching, or something to that effect…

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
18 years ago

When it was announced Rowan was invited to the meeting in Egypt many people feared the Global South would use this as an opportunity to attack and attempt to personally humiliate him and that Peter Akinola would be crowned as the leader of the Global South. Peter Akinola rubbished these fears saying that this was a Bible study and not a business meeting, and Rowan went. The publication of the subsequent letter is, I agree with Archbishop Venables, a scandal, and very much what was feared. The election of Peter Akinola as President and the creation of a leadership team… Read more »

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