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Sentamu installation reports

It’s impossible to link to all the reports, but it made its way even to Whispers in the Loggia: The Archbishop Played Bongos

BBC coverage:
First black Archbishop enthroned
Inauguration of the Archbishop
In pictures: Archbishop enthroned
The York Gospels

Times Online has John Sentamu sworn in as Archbishop of York, which then appeared in the paper under the headline Archbishop opens English hearts to an African rhythm and Ruth Gledhill’s blog has Sentamu beats the drums of change

Telegraph Jonathan Petre Archbishop of York is enthroned to the sound of African drums

Guardian Stephen Bates Archbishop beats drums for change

Independent New archbishop beats the drum for the Church

Church of England press releases:
Sermon preached by the Archbishop of York at his Inauguration
Order of Service for the Inauguration of the Archbishop of York
Background information on the Inauguration of the Archbishop of York

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18 years ago

No comments? I guess silence means universal assent that this is a good thing!

The accounts and photos of Archbishop Sentamu’s enthronement are incredibly moving and heartening. Blessings on him, his ministry, and all in his care.

Rob Hall
Rob Hall
18 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree with your comment and prayers Anna, and am delighted – along with others – by Archbishop John Sentamu’s installation. Anglicanism can still manage to get it right after all!

Also, a word of praise for Stephen Bates’ report in the Guardian. To me at least, he seems to have succeeded most in putting into words that which sounds to have been almost impossible to fully convey in words.

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