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Simon Mayo interviews Rowan Williams

Updated Saturday

BBC Radio Five Live presenter Simon Mayo interviewed Rowan Williams for 35 minutes yesterday. You can hear the whole thing here (Real Audio).

Includes discussion of pretty much every current hot Anglican topic.

Update Ruth Gledhill has some more about this interview here.


  • Duke - Nigeria says:

    please Simon Sarmiento, Can you post this story on this site, so that all can have access to the story. I am having problem with my audio.

  • Travis says:

    Is there any way to listen to this with Windows Media???

  • Tim Stewart says:

    Anyone have a link to a transcript?

    Enquiring minds, etc.

  • J. C. Fisher says:

    I wish I could say I were more impressed: not a lot of Gospel *boldness* on the part of the ABC? :-/

  • Tunde says:

    Sure want to listen to this audio as different things are being said about the interview. Unfortunately, many of us that are not in Europe or Americas still have less than adequate internet facilities. Someone should transcribe or are we being shut off delibrately?

  • RMF says:

    Come come, who has the time to transcribe a 35 minute interview?? Perhaps you should write the BBC about it! Maybe they have a transcript online.

  • Prior Aelred says:

    I managed to find time while doing the dishes between supper & recreation to listen to this (OK — I was a bit late to recreation) — a lot of territory covered but not much really said about anything except not to rush to conclusions & to remain in dialogue (whatever the topic) — I would not suggest that this is not good advice, but I question how realistic it is, given the circumstances.

    I am sure that as soon as Simon knows of a transcript, he will link to it.

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