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women bishops: a lot more information

I linked earlier to today’s BBC reports on this.

Now, Ruth Gledhill has a report Church wants women bishops by 2012 in Monday’s edition of The Times which discusses further the draft Guildford report that goes before the CofE House of Bishops this week. Ruth has received a copy of this draft.

And she also has a more detailed discussion of the matter on her blog:Women bishops by 2012.

Both items are essential reading.

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J. C. Fisher
J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

No bishop-who-just-happens-to-have-two-X-chromosomes for at least *six years*, and this is thought (by the “Sky is falling!” crowd) to be *rushed*???

“It is the case that many supporters of women’s ordination thought flying bishops would not work, and that like the non-jurors, the trads would die out. It hasn’t happened, if anything they are stronger.”

. . . just not in the Christian faith. >:-(


Göran Koch-Swahne
18 years ago

I’m quite happy with my lady Bishop, thank you!

– but then I’m from the Global North ;=)

Alan Harrison
Alan Harrison
18 years ago

JC Fisher writes (of those opposed to the purported ordination of women): ” . . just not in the Christian faith. >:-(” thereby unchurching the Holy Roman Church, the Orthodox Churches, the Copts….

J. C. Fisher
J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

I don’t “unchurch” anyone, Alan.

I merely question why *Anglicans* (who should know better) would be so weak in their faith—in the Christ in Whom “there is no male or female.”

In *Christ’s* Church (not JC Fisher’s, nor A Harrison’s), that women have been discerned to be *called by God* to holy orders, and then canonically ordained, is FACT: not something “purported”.

More Light, Lord: grant us More Light!

18 years ago

Goran, I didn’t know that you had a lady bishop. Can you update us on which parish and diocese you serve now?

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