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General Synod: Questions

The Questions to be asked have now been published, as noted in our Synod Papers item (which contains links to all documents for this group of sessions bar one item, GS 1601, which has still not been made available electronically).

The original .rtf Questions file is on the CofE website here. An html version of this page is available here. The construction of the html version took me approximately 90 seconds and required no technical skill.

Question 62 is a Question about the November Answers. I have been asking the same question of the synod office ever since November and I have never had any reply to my queries, so I will be really interested in the answer.

The Answers session is at the end of Thursday next week.

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John Simmons
18 years ago

Thanks for doing this – very helpful! Now, I think more attention should be given to the quite brilliant question from Paul Perkin, viz “The Revd Paul Perkin (Southwark) to ask the Chairman of the Cathedrals and Church Buildings Division: “Q75 In the light of: (a) recent guidance from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group that the 2005 Working at Height Regulations apply to church buildings; and (b) media reports late last year that four people and scaffolding were needed to change five light bulbs 40 feet above ground at St Benet’s Roman Catholic Church in Beccles at a cost of £1,300,… Read more »

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