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Friday press reports

Church Times
Synod rejects ‘single-clause’ option for women bishops
Rachel Harden Housing sell-off is ‘deplorable’
Bulldozer motion ‘based on ignorance’

Jonathan Petre Compromise close on women bishops

Michael Hann Should the C of E pay reparations for slavery?

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Robin Bather
Robin Bather
18 years ago

Rachel Harden is really off the mark with her shallow analysis of the Synod’s decision to divest its shares in Caterpillar Inc. We have all seen the powerful Israeli army (sorry the PC term is Israeli “Defence” Forces) using these 49 ton bulldozers to destroy the homes of Palestinian people in what can only be termed “collective punishment”–a practice roundly condemmed and forbidden by the United Nations. Both Israel and Caterpillar Inc. have arrogantly ignored this international law, the former saying that it was in “self defence”!, and the latter saying in effect “I just make ’em–don’t blame me). When… Read more »

Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey
18 years ago

Far be it from me to defend a Church Times reporter, but I didn’t read the neutral report by ‘staff reporters’ as an ‘analysis’ by Rachel Harden – shallow or otherwise. I have often found that those who uncritically support Palestinians and oppose Israel, often ignore the facts and take unreasonable offence at any view which contradicts their own.

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