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General Synod: more documents published

Two documents have been added to the CofE website:

The Decisions made by the Synod at the group of sessions are available as an RTF file here. An html copy is here.

The Answers to Questions 61 to the end, i.e. those which were not reached during the Thursday session. These are in an RTF file here.

Written Answers to Questions 1 to 16 and 26 to 60, which differ only very slightly from the oral answers given on Thursday, were issued to the Press, but not to synod members, in printed format on Thursday. The actual answers delivered can be heard in the Audio file published here (scroll to the bottom).

Answers to Questions 17 to 25 were reproduced here earlier, and the corresponding audio file can be found here.

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Martin Reynolds
18 years ago

As a Welsh lad the only question that interested me was 55.

My Lord of Norwich seemed to answer a different question, and left out at least one important and pertinent resolution of the English Synod from his list.

Still, I bet Rowan was having a little smile under his beard at the question.

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