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Rowan Williams on climate change

On the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme last Tuesday 28 March, the Archbishop of Canterbury expressed his concerns over the issue of climate change.
A full transcript of the interview is available on the CofE website. (Also on Lambeth Palace and ENS sites.)
You can also listen to the interview (Real Audio required) on the BBC website – 17 minutes total, but the archbishop comes first in sequence, and this lasts about 9 minutes. The other person interviewed is Margaret Beckett who is the UK Secretary of State for the Environment.

Church Times Dr Williams: Billions could die from climate change by Pat Ashworth

BBC Archbishop urges emissions cuts

A few nuggets on what the Church of England is doing about this itself can be found here.

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Christopher Calderhead
Christopher Calderhead
18 years ago

Okay I have to post something here, if only because I notice that these kinds of articles receive scant attention on this bulletin board. Mention sex or ecclesiastical politics, and–boom–we’re off and running. Mention billions drowning or dying of famine, and we all keep mum. I’m as bad as everyone else. So why doesn’t this kind of news garner our attention? Is it too big? Do we feel powerless to change it? Or do we doubt that it’ll happen? (The last would be a very human, natural response) When Williams says: ‘the question was to some extent about who was… Read more »

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