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I deliberately didn’t mention this before because it wasn’t working initially, but now I can report that this site also provides a separate RSS feed for each bishop’s Recent Appearances. This makes it even easier for you to track your favourite (or non-favourite) bishop’s remarks.
I have gathered these feeds together into a blogroll which is currently viewable here. Open the list by clicking on the + sign at the left labelled Bishops in the Lords.

The excellent website has extended its services to the House of Lords. Now anyone can track the activities of a Church of England bishop by signing up for an email notification of their remarks.

See for example:
The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Bishop of London
The Bishop of Chelmsford
The Bishop of Chester
Lord Carey of Clifton

Yesterday, as an example, the Bishop of Coventry spoke about Nigeria. Here is what he said. As you can see he didn’t mention many of the things reported here.

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Cheryl Clough
18 years ago


Thanks for this although I fear we lose the needles in the haystack of information! I pray that there will be wise souls who will refer us to pertinent interesting papers…

18 years ago

I found one of the Bishop of Conventry’s remarks interesting: “Much is made of the religious conflict in Nigeria. [However, investigators have found that] religion is often used as a pretext to provide a simplistic hook on which to hang complex ethnic, social and economic problems. The difficulty, of course, is that if the hook is used frequently enough, it becomes the problem.” However, Lord Lea of Crondall (who spoke just before the Bishop) was still more interesting. There was much to reflect on in his expert discussion of Nigeria’s disastrous condition. But this was my favorite passage: “I want… Read more »

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