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Octavia Hill Estates: sell-off mulled

There are reports on Ekklesia and BBC London tonight about this.

Ekklesia Church of England faces embarrassment over homes sale:

The Church of England is facing embarrassment today after it was reported that a company to which it sold social housing just a month ago – with public reassurances about its long-term future – may sell almost half the properties…

BBC New estates owner mulls sell-off:

Hundreds of low-income homes at south London’s Octavia Hill estates may be sold after a consortium bought them off the Church of England.

Just a month after the properties were bought by Grainger Gen Invest, it has told tenants it may have to sell 400 of them to cover the cost of the purchase…

Here is the transcript of the recent General Synod Questions and Answers on this topic. (original in RTF format here.)

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Göran Koch-Swahne
18 years ago

So they didn’t have the money in the first place…

Isn’t that illegal in England too?

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