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more on today's Lords debate


The amendment by Lord Carlisle was passed by 148 to 100 votes.
BBC Lords block assisted dying bill
The Times Lords block mercy killings Bill
Guardian Lords block right to die bill
Telegraph Lords reject right to die Bill

Archbishop of Canterbury Extracts from a speech given in the House of Lords debate on Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Westminster appeared together on the BBC radio programme Today this morning. Link here (Real Audio, 15+ minutes total). Or link here to download an mp3 file. Or read a transcript on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s website.

Together with the Chief Rabbi they also have a joint letter published in The Times this morning. You can read the letter here.
Related news story by Ruth Gledhill: Religious leaders fear ‘right to die’ law would turn into ‘duty to die’.

The Telegraph is editorially opposed to the bill.
Related news story by Graeme Wilson Should doctors help patients to die?

The Guardian is editorially in favour of the bill.

Reuters Three-quarters support assisted dying -poll
Press Association Lords to clash on right-to-die Bill
BBC Lords debate assisted dying bill

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Praise be to God that we are seeing co-operative wisdom. One of the consequences of being an Aussie is an awareness of how a bill created with the best of intentions by a moderate government can be turned into a weapon by less scrupulous elements years later. Australia’s original Queensland gerrymander laws springs to mind.

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