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synod press coverage Saturday afternoon

Reuters Church of England votes to make women bishops

Press Association Synod ‘backs idea’ of women bishops and also Fight bombers with love: Archbishop (this refers to part of the Presidential Address by Archbishop Sentamu)

BBC Church backs female bishops move and Head to head: Women bishops

And also Call for love to fight terrorism

Paul Roberts has written up this morning’s events on his blog here. Ruth Gledhill has General Synod Day Two.

ENS has Sentamu calls for ‘gracious magnanimity,’ comments on Convention and also Women bishops approved in principle at Church of England’s Synod and Synod’s structures contrast with Convention’s. And later, Synod affirms women bishops; debate draws mixed reactions.

Associated Press Church of England: appointing women bishops ‘theologically justified’

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

I have been watching Sentamu with interest, he has the potential to be cut of the same cloth as Desmond Tutu. The ability to see beyond what is to what could be, and to understand why a vision needs to be embraced. He is correct in suggesting that to resolve terrorism, we need to include them in a circle of love. We can not and will not solve terrorism through intimidation, violence or imposition of moral “authority”. Their cause is fed by decades of injustice and confusion: some from corruption by their own power-brokers but a lot by smarmy “Christian”… Read more »

17 years ago

How oddly interesting is Ruth Gledhill’s ability to critique sexism when it comes to the church and women’s leadership/gifts; and determinedly ignore that critique when it comes to sexual orientation variances. She is just the sort of mother or sister or friend who wants your firm support in having equal opportunities in her own career, while she has deep and dark and lingering doubts about whether you as the gay friend have any right to be out and equal. Let alone to expect that your own dollars should pay for your partner or children to get education or care, just… Read more »

17 years ago

“Their neanderthal values and fears about women make me wonder how they ever find any woman willing to marry them, pledging herself to a long life of kitchen, bedroom, and nursery subservience which everybody agrees will finaly get evened out by God, once we all get to heaven.”

Could be worse. Ever read the last lines of the Gospel of Thomas? So much for the cuddly Gnostics of coffee-table-theology fame!

Robert Christian
Robert Christian
17 years ago

Isn’t the Queen supreme governor and head of the church? I would think in a country were women are affirmed in and given the right to do any other job, including monarch, why a state institution is allowed to continue such discriminatory practises. Institutionalised, governemnt sactioned discrimination should be illegal.

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