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General Synod business: Sunday afternoon

The official report is here.

Ruth Gledhill’s blog entry is here.

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Spirit of Vatican II
17 years ago

I just read a bizarre piece on the Pontifications weblog claiming that Rowan Williams has performed an Abrahamic sacrifice of liberal Anglicanism in a “teleological suspension of the ethical”. Rowan Williams is steeped in the complexities of the upper reaches of the Anglican bureaucracy. He loves the game and is a master of it. It brings the usual occupational hazards. But he has surely not advanced to such dizzying heights of Machiavellian realpolitik as the inventor of this grotesque thesis supposes. I don’t see him as sacrificing gays or his own earlier liberalism, so much as stressing the value of… Read more »

J. C. Fisher
17 years ago

“prepared to risk the breakage of a unity they can only see as false or corrupt” Indeed: rather like Herod and Pilate “making peace” in order to crucify Jesus? “But the risk is a real one; and it is never easy to recognise when the moment of inevitable separation has arrived – to recognise that this is the issue on which you stand or fall and that this is the great issue of faithfulness to the gospel. The nature of prophetic action is that you do not have a cast-iron guarantee that you’re right” Of course—but I don’t think Rowan… Read more »

David Huff
David Huff
17 years ago

SoVII wrote, “I just read a bizarre piece on the Pontifications weblog…”

Heh. And if this is the first “bizarre piece” you’ve read from Al Kimel, pray go back and read some more. The man was quite the gadfly on various Episcopalian blogs until he swam the Tiber, and a veritable cornucopia of the bizarre awaits… 😉

“Those who fled Anglicanism to avoid the horrors of gay-friendly liberal theology may find the same horrors awaiting them in their new home.”

I hope I may be forgiven a moment of schadenfreude as I contemplate this possibility.

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

David Huff
you may.

However, Please say 5 Hail Marys

(with Al Kimel’s intention)

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