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Sentamu interviewed

Inside is an odd place to pitch a tent … is the headline on an article in the G2 section of the Guardian this morning. The story is about John Sentamu and is written by Stephen Bates.

There are some prayers for peace and also some photographs on the York diocesan website. (Click on each picture for a larger version.)

Update The Church Times has a story about this too: Pat Ashworth York’s hermit fasts for peace.

Update The Sunday Times has a substantial interview by Martin Wroe Why I’ve pitched my tent in the cathedral.

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Lois Keen
Lois Keen
17 years ago

God bless you, John Sentamu.
Lois, Priest, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

I noticed the coincidence too. Good on ya Sentamu.

Old and gray-headed
Old and gray-headed
17 years ago

In a post to HoB/D (an ecusa discussion list) Nigel
Taber-Hamilton writes (speaking of a conversation with Sentamu):

He went on to mention a letter he had recently sent to the PB and hoped that everyone had had a chance to read it.

Does anyone know where this letter is posted??

clive sweeting
clive sweeting
17 years ago

I am surprised that there is not wider reaction to this courageous initiative.

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