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more from the Melvyn Bragg interview

Here is another part of the interview. See earlier part here.This interview by Melvyn Bragg of the Archbishop of Canterbury was originally screened on 19 June 2005.

The full transcript of the section dealing with women bishops can be found here. This is reproduced with ITV’s permission.

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17 years ago

Rowan Williams is really, seriously gettin’ on my nerves these days. Amazing that he won’t acknowledge that the vast majority of Provinces in the Anglican Communion already ordains women!

This is more pandering to Nigeria and to Forward in Faith.

John Henry
John Henry
17 years ago

BLS, or is ++Rowan Cantuar also pandering to the Vatican in anticipation of his forthcoming visit to Rome and conversations with Pope Benedict XVI? Pope Benedict himself is trying to find a way forward – including women in (lay) leadership roles so far still reserved for men in Holy Orders (1983 Code of Canon Law); his reluctance to speak out on the Spanish equivalent of the CPA in condemnation of it during his recent visit to Spain (instead, H.H. focused on Holy Matrimony as defined by RC Code of Canon Law), leaving himself some wiggle room for discernment and conversation… Read more »

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