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letter to Archbishop of Latvia

Earlier this year, the Bishop in Europe wrote to the President of Latvia. You can read that letter here.

Now, Archdeacon Mark Oakley has written another letter, this time to the Archbishop of Latvia, on behalf of the Deanery Synod of the Baltic and Nordic Countries. This new letter can be read in full here.

The synod had passed this resolution:

This Synod affirms the motion carried at the Diocesan Synod of 2006 affirming the statement of the Anglican Primates in the Dromantine Communiqué of February 2005, that “in our discussion and assessment of the appropriateness of specific human behaviours, we continue unreservedly to be committed to the pastoral support and care of homosexual persons. The victimisation or diminishment of human beings whose affections happen to be ordered towards people of the same sex is anathema to us. We assure homosexual persons that they are children of God, loved and valued by him, and deserving of the best we can give of pastoral care and friendship”, and asks the Venerable Mark Oakley to draft and sign an open letter to the Archbishop of Latvia and others on its behalf, stating the same and expressing its support for the Revd Juris Calitis as a member of this Synod.

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

May God Bless the Latvians. Compassion rocks!

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
17 years ago

Congratulations to this Deanery Synod for their united voice and to the Archdeacon for a carefully crafted letter.

John-Julian, OJN
John-Julian, OJN
17 years ago

If anyone wishes to join me in sending a supportive message to Dr. Calitis, his e-mail address is can be found by Googling “Juris Calitis”. The man must be in pain and I am sure could use some support and encouragement.

17 years ago

Thank God for people like this. Further proof the Episcopal Church isn’t alone in their stand for inclusion.

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