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Transforming the World?

InclusiveChurch is holding a conference with this title on Saturday 14 October at St Mary’s Church Putney.

After the success of our two National services in 2004 and 2005 and our Partners’ Conference last year, we now offer our supporters the opportunity to participate in our first National Day Conference.

Transforming the World? has been created to ask the question – how do we re-engage with an indifferent world? Our preoccupation with issues of sexual orientation and gender have distracted us from preaching a Gospel of inclusion, justice and fairness. It seems to us at Inclusive Church that it is urgent that we rediscover our voice to our wider society.

Clare Herbert, Ann Morrisey and Jeremy Davies will encourage us to ask the questions, – why continue to bother with the Church? What can we offer to transform the world? Is the inclusive gospel something to celebrate?


10.00 am Arrival and coffee

10.30 am Keynote Speaker: Clare Herbert ‘What can we offer an uninterested world?’

12.00 noon Lunch

12.45 pm Workshops

  1. Ann Morrisey – ‘Transforming the world – engagement and involvement?’
  2. Jeremy Davies – ‘Transforming liturgy?’

1.45 pm Workshops re-run (so you all get a chance to go to both!)

2.45 pm Plenary – conclusions and the future, including our international residential conference in Swanwick, November 2007.

3.15 pm Eucharist – celebrant Giles Fraser

4.15 pm Tea and depart.

We know you’re all busy people and so are starting to book your diaries up for October already so we’re offering you an incentive – a reduction in conference fees if you book early. For booking and payment before 1 October 2006, the fee will be £20.00 only. After 1 October and on the door, the fee will be £25.00. Both prices are still a bargain for such a great day.

Please make your cheques payable to The Inclusive Church Network and send them to

The Revd. Giles Goddard
Chair, InclusiveChurch
St Peter’s Church,
Liverpool Grove
London SE17 2HH

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laurence roberts
laurence roberts
17 years ago

on the principle :

I’m not at all clear why this worship service and talks should not be offered freely. I think most churches and church groups would so offer it; and allow people to contribute freely.
Is this very inclusive ?

on the actualite :

£25 is a lot of money to many people…

17 years ago

Perhaps the evangelical factions within the anglican church would be be better advised to discover more daughters of the church and learn by their example, not only learn by their example, but become like them, rather than put stumblingblocks in the path of the members of the lower church.


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