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The Church of England is to appoint its first Bishop for Urban Life and Faith. To quote the press release

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have appointed the Rt Rev Stephen Lowe, Bishop of Hulme, to promote the dissemination and implementation of the report Faithful Cities, the follow up report to Faith in the City, which was widely welcomed at its launch in May. The appointment is for three years, during which the Bishop will respond to issues of urban policy and life on behalf of the Church.

The press release about Faithful Cities and the Faithful Cities website.

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17 years ago

This new call backed by Canterbury, for cooperation across our institutional diversities, and for willingness to discern common cause in urban Tikkun is as essentially blessed and valuable, inside our varying Anglican climates, as it may be outside in the great cities of the planet.

Especially its openness to understanding how our urban systems create all the high and low outcomes is quite applicalbe to our own global Anglican common life, no?

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

2 October was World Habitat Day and the Catholics also have come out against megaslums
and this is take on erronous assumptions that foster appalling environmental and social conditions
then there are people like Nigeria’s Ambassador (Rev) Elizabeth Ogbon-Day who are looking at how to mitigate forces that entrench systemic poverty in areas such as the Niger-Delta

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Liked your posting drdanfee. Is the German Episcopal church part of the Anglican communion? If so, here is another branch looking for righteousness:

Peter Owen
17 years ago

The ekklesia article that Cheryl links to refers to a “German Episcopal Commission”, not “Church”. It is a commission of the [Roman] Catholic Church in Germany, and so is not part of the Anglican Communion.

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Thanks Peter, that was why I asked the question on whether they were part of the communion, I did not know the answer.

Mind you, I like what the guy is doing anyway (there is good stuff happening outside of the Anglican communion, and even Christianity these days). Which does not mean there is not good stuff happening within the communion, there are grounds for rejoicing there too.

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