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still more on that interview

Judith Maltby writes in Comment is free about the Catholic Herald interview: A tall order.

The BBC radio programme Sunday had coverage of it too. Christina Rees and Lucy Winkett are interviewed. Listen here (Real Audio, about 3.5 minutes). It’s also discussed later in the programme, in connection with the forthcoming visit of Rowan Williams to the Pope, in an interview with Stephen Bates. That item can be heard here (3.5 minutes).

In the Sunday Telegraph June Osborne writes, What we really need are women bishops.

In the Independent Peter Stanford The Sunday Profile: Rowan Williams

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17 years ago

The obvious Daily Telegraph headline and opener is: Senior Woman Dean Agrees with Archbishop Rev June Osborne, Dean of Salisbury, and one of the few leading clergy women in the Church of England, states that the ordination of women has not had a major impact on the Church of England. Replying to her own question, “Has the ordination of women utterly transformed the Church of England?” she replies “Of course not.” Her comments are similar to those of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, when interviewed recently in the Catholic Herald. No doubt her colleagues will be as disappointed in… Read more »

dave williams
17 years ago

June Osborne makes one very fascinating statement in her article

“…I believe and trust in the Archbishop of Canterbury, whoever he happens to be…”

Could that be where we are going wrong? :o)

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

No soul or group can make a dramatic difference if they are: – not trying to make a dramatic difference – theological training endorses people who will support and nurture the system – the system is not ready for momentous change – things are working fine as they are or complacency says there is no need to rock the boat – the establishment is in strong self-preservation mode and obstructs attempts to reform. One of the joys near the end of my previous marriage breakdown was watching my then husband’s increasingly red face as the business expert he bought in… Read more »

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