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On Thursday 1 March General Synod will debate a diocesan synod motion from Lichfield on Media Standards. There are two background papers, one from the diocese and one from the Archbishops’ Council Communications Office.

The motion from the diocese is:

‘That this Synod ask Her Majesty’s Government to undertake an enquiry to examine the notion that standards of human behaviour are being fatally eroded by constant subjection to suggestions and images via the media promoting the exploitation of other human beings.’

The Bishop of Manchester (the Right Revd Nigel McCulloch) has already submitted this amendment:

‘Leave out all words after “this Synod” and insert the words:

“(a) welcome the media’s contribution to an open and informed society, significantly influencing people’s awareness of themselves, each other and the world;

(b) affirm the Church’s support for the highest media standards and express its concerns at the current tendency to exploit the humiliation of human beings for public entertainment;

(c) call on individual Christians to contribute positively to the debate about standards in the media; and

(d) call on Her Majesty’s Government to note this Synod’s concerns.”.’

The Bishop is chair of the Sandford St Martin Trust and of the General Synod Religion in Broadcasting Group.

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Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
17 years ago

‘examine the notion’?
Why does it need to be examined? It has been perfectly obvious ever since Hugh Carleton Greene was i/c the BBC in the 1960s.

17 years ago

I’m prepared to admit that lots of things are probably fatally eroding standards of human behaviour, the inability of Christians to relate civilly to each other in good faith being amongst them. I find it hard to see that late-night Channel Four docu-tainment specials on Designer Vaginas, however, are causing the moral degeneration of humanity.

17 years ago

Can anyone have one ?

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