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GS: Tuesday

This morning’s business is reported officially here.

This afternoon’s business is here.

Church Times Synod report: Tuesday.

For an explanation of what happened, or rather didn’t happen yet, in the debate on the draft Church of England Marriage Measure read Alastair Cutting’s report here. He had better internet access than the press this afternoon. He also has some pictures.

For another view of Questions yesterday, see Synodical goings-on.

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Martin Reynolds
17 years ago

As a matter of interest to those who like these sorts of peculiarities, it seems that if the Church of England changes the law on marriage by Measure then that will apply only to England.

We in Wales will be governed by the former statutes. Of course, those interested probably already knew that!

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

Very interesting.
thank you.

One is established and one not. Does that come into the picture on this one I wonder ?

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