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GS: Wednesday and ensuing press reports

Updated again Friday evening

The official reports on today’s business, with links to audio recordings, are here: Morning and Afternoon.

Our own accounts of the two private members’ motions are in the preceding two items.

Telegraph Synod rejects church’s gay ‘marriage’ advice and Synod rejects gay clergy policy
Associated Press Anglicans Vote on Gay and Lesbian Issues
Christian Today Church of England Synod Passes Compromise Resolution on Homosexuality
Evening Standard Church tones down motion on gays
Reuters Anglicans lock horns over gays as rift deepens
Guardian Synod disarray over civil partnerships
Times has only a nib here (scroll down)

And the Living Church has reported on the Presidential Address of Monday, in Goodwill and Patience Needed, Archbishop Says.

The Church Times report of Wednesday is now here.

Update Anybody who wants the full text of Paul Perkin’s opening speech in the afternoon debate can find it here.

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Fr Joe O'Leary
17 years ago

Evidently the Church of England is very accepting of gay relationships, perhaps even more serenely and uncontroversially so than the Episcopalian Church.

The mighty hammer of Akinola is poised to strike…

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