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Updated Saturday

Thursday Morning: official report here.

Thursday Afternoon: official report here.

Church Times for Thursday.

Press reports on Friday morning:

Guardian TV contests humiliate losers, say synod speakers
Telegraph Blame TV for moral decline, says Synod
The Times Church censures rating-chasing TV shows for humiliation factor

And a very detailed report in the Evening Standard Film sex and violence ‘fatally eroding’ society

And a further Guardian organ grinder blog comment that I missed earlier: Who dares to attack TV’s lack of morality?

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Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
17 years ago

Merely passively ‘reflecting’ society, as Andreas Whittam-Smith advocates, is a weak option at the best of times. But when one considers that social change (and change of perceptions of what is acceptable) do not happen for no reason, then it is hard to think of a more economical explanation than that the change of perceptions reflects the change in what TV and media portray as normal. Does anyone have a more economical suggestion? – as I have struggled to think of one. Claiming to reflect society, he is in fact inextricably involved in shaping and creating it. All of us… Read more »

Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
17 years ago

As for having Andreas Whittam-Smith in a position of responsibility in the C of E, the C of E has missed a trick. They should forthwith appoint to high ecclesiastical office John Mortimer, Paul Raymond, Alan Johnson, the leader of the Satanist church, and others who have the interests of Christ at heart. What other denomination would fail to do so?

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