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ABC on Slavery via YouTube

This project was pre-announced some time ago.

Lambeth Palace has now announced the use of YouTube by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Read the press release Archbishops online reflection – ‘Slavery still with us’.

This has been reported in The Times by Ruth Gledhill as Archbishop of Canterbury makes YouTube debut, and is discussed further on her blog at Archbishop goes live on YouTube.

Dave Walker has links to numerous related sites at Making our mark.

When this project was first announced, wannabepriest was concerned about whether this was a good idea. He now has Credit where credit is due…

What do other people think about it now?

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matthew hunt
matthew hunt
17 years ago

The page describing the channel says, “video material about the Archbishop of Canterbury and featuring Dr Rowan Williams, the 104th Archbishop” Not about Jesus Christ, not about Christianity, not about Anglicanism even, but the ABC Rowie Willums. The ‘director’ ID is put as ‘lambethpress’. Tacky. Confirming for the viewer that the advert is for the ABC. They begin (and continue) with an old churchy hymn. If this assisted bringing the Good News to people in a postmodern context, then Songs of Praise (UK TV religous programme) would have converted the nation by now. It is laughable in this medium. Have… Read more »

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Change involves risk. Sometimes something works out, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes what you think is going to fly turns out to be a dead duck. Other times a throw away line becomes the catch phrase for the new trend. I am glad to see them innovating and trying out new things. They can tweak and pitch based on experience and feedback. A church that is not prepared to innovate and experiment is a church that is dying. As one advisor once said to me, librarians and accountants can not run the world because they record and/or preserve the picture… Read more »

Erika Baker
Erika Baker
17 years ago

Stand Firm Interviews: Andrew Carey on ++Williams’ Statement

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