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SORs: Sunday programme report

The BBC radio programme Sunday had a segment about this. Listen here (about 8 minutes).

The item lasts 7 minutes. It includes an interview with the Bishop of Winchester.

Most of the discussion centred around the content of the school curriculum. Speakers appeared to be confused between two separate documents:

The latter document did make a recommendation concerning the curriculum, but the government appears not yet to have accepted this recommendation, certainly not in terms of the wording of the regulations.

Opponents of the SORs appear to be using the latter document as an excuse to object to the former.

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

I would never want these people involved with the building of the ark. They would be so busy arguing over the suitability of one plank that the thing would never get constructed. Pragmatism is a wonderful trait. If there’s a slight flaw, put it in a non-critical place and use some extra tar in the waterproofing.

Goodness me, imagine if after giving birth our babies had to pass the “perfection” test. What would we do? Put them back again and ask God to give us another one? Oops. Sorry, I forgot, they are talking about making “perfect” babies too.

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

..’heaven of such imperfection made.’

RS Thomas

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