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General Synod – transcripts of proceedings

Verbatim transcripts of the proceedings of the reent meeting of General Synod are starting to appear online here. So far transcripts of the first two days are available.

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Fr Joe O'Leary
Fr Joe O'Leary
15 years ago

Interesting statement from ABC here: Clearly he is embarrassed at the impossiblity of getting the Anglican primates to unite in condemning the persecution of gays in Africa. But surely this undercuts their claim to moral leadership generally? How can they expect their communiques to be received with respect when they are unable to reject treatment of human beings that has been condemned by the leading authorities on human rights in our time? Voices saddled with archaic, indeed primeval, prejudice and blindness do not deserve to be listened to. In contrast, the US bishops spoke with a human and modern… Read more »

Simon Sarmiento
15 years ago

This comment may perhaps be intended for another thread,

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