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two radio items

The BBC radio programme Sunday had segments on both the Hereford case and the Radio talk.

Penal substitution. Start here and go forward here 24.5 minutes. Lasts about 7 minutes. No bishops.

Employment discrimination. Same file, immediately after the above. Or go forward from the beginning 31.5 minutes.Also lasts about 7 minutes. Still no bishops.

Better URLs later in the week.

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17 years ago

I don’t understand the uproar about Dr John’s talk. Hearing it I recalled a time when I was hospitalised (in an Episcopal hospital, as it happens). I was visited by a friend who’d been taken in by some evangelicals in our church. He told me that the reason I was in hospital and ill was because of my sin. I told him to leave my room and I never saw him again. The cheek, I thought. I never discussed this with my priest. But I’m glad Dr John has finally explained to me why these Bible thumpers do what they… Read more »

Erika Baker
Erika Baker
17 years ago

The penal substitution interview was balanced and informative, the following interview about employment regulations less so. The man from the Christian Lawyers Federation was given a lot of time to explain his views, Colin Coward was not given enough air space to engage at all other than in soundbites. What a shame! Despite the constraints – well done Colin!

dave williams
dave williams
17 years ago


The suggestion that your sickness caused your sin unless meant in the context of
1. irresponsible behaviour clearly linked to an illness -e.g. drink driving leading to car crash injuries
2. the consequences of the fall on a fallen world meaning we all face sickness

If Jeffrey John made a link between those who teach sickness as a punishment for personal sin and penal substitutution then he was making a false link.

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