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Lambeth Palace job vacancy

Dave Walker has drawn attention to this Church Times advertisement in his blog article, Top job in the Anglican Communion up for grabs.

It appears that this is not a job for which any Genuine Occupational Requirement applies, either for Religion or Belief or for Sexual Orientation.

See also Diversity is the Key (H/T Hugh).

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17 years ago

Alert TEC HoB – now is their chance to actually get through to meet with +Cantuar! (oh, right, they already have a date for that – never mind).

Hugh of Lincoln
Hugh of Lincoln
17 years ago

The recruitment agency hired for the task of finding the right person for the job has an article from Charity Times “Diversity is the key” on their website: “In the 21st century, diversity in the workforce has become an essential organisational concern. … No organisation can afford to unnecessarily restrict its ability to attract and hold on to the very best employees available. … Then, taking into account sexual orientation, gender and religion there is plenty to do to ensure that workforces are more representative of the society in which we live and serve. … Today’s employment pool is dramatically… Read more »

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

It would be lovely to be able to demand that any applicant be able to answer questions relating to “the Frigg Gas Field” as mentioned in one of the links. Then again, maybe they should have the character of Baldric from the Black Adder series. This is a very serious posting, but the opportunities for humour are pretty diverse. To have God with no humour and wrath for the imperfect, or to have an ambassador who laughs at foibles and enjoys watching souls extracting themselves from awkward situations. Personally, I would rather be blushing and forgiven, then be unable to… Read more »

Göran Koch-Swahne
17 years ago

Sorry, but the recruitment agency hired for this job seems to have got it all backwards 🙁

Diversity within the workforce is not about interaction with the public, be it customers or competitors, but about interaction within the workforce it self – leading to improved performance and a higher quality “product”, whichever it be.

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