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The Church Times has this report by Bill Bowder on its website (not in the paper), Primates face up to rift.

Anglicans Online has this report by me, Primates acknowledge reality.

The Church of England Newspaper has no update on its website yet, but does carry several stories about events prior to last night, including a suggestion made by Robert Duncan, that Gene Robinson might withdraw from the New Hampshire bishopric, even before the end of the primates meeting. Well that bit didn’t happen yet.

Bishop Duncan is quoted as saying

“The reason that this meeting has to stand in a defining way and unless the Primates make it clear that homosexual behaviour can never be an aspect of Anglican possibility we will have moved beyond our Reformation mooring.”
“The question is whether the great Churches of the Reformation have a future or not. If Anglicanism cannot turn the tide, Presbyterianism and Methodism will not be able to turn it back either. The Churches which began in the 16th century will meet a sad ending in the 21st.”

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james lodwick
james lodwick
20 years ago

It’s too late, Bob Duncan. Neither you nor Anglicanism will be able “to turn the tide.” Our liberation as gays and lesbians has progressed too far in both church and society, and we won’t shut up until we’re fully enfranchised in every way.

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