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Papers for July General Synod

Papers for next month’s sessions of the General Synod of the Church of England are starting to appear online and are listed below. The list will be updated as more papers become available.

Latest update: Wednesday 27 morning

Friday 6 July 2007
Saturday 7 July 2007
Sunday 8 July 2007
Monday 9 July 2007
Tuesday 10 July 2007
Agenda for Legislative Business
First Notice Paper

(with the days on which they are scheduled to be debated or otherwise considered. Business may be rescheduled, particularly legislation, marked #. Items marked § will only be debated if a member asks for this.)

GS 1616B Draft Church of England Marriage Measure (Saturday#)
GS 1616YY Report of the Revision Committee (Saturday#)
GS 1616Z Draft Church of England Marriage Measure: draft measure for final drafting and final approval: report by the Steering Committee (Tuesday#)

GS 1650 Talent and Calling: Report of the Senior Church Appointments Review Group (Monday)

GS 1651 Transforming Worship: Report of the Liturgical Commission (Saturday)

GS 1653 Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2007 (Saturday#§)
GS 1654 Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and others (Fees) Orders 2007 (Saturday#§)
GS 1653 and 4X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1655 Present and Participating: A place at the table (Sunday)

GS 1657 Report by the Business Committee (Friday)

GS 1658 Appointments to the Archbishops’ Council and the Church of England Pensions Board (Saturday)

GS 1659 Parochial Fees Order 2007 (Saturday#§)
GS 1659X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1660 Clergy Pensions (Saturday)

GS 1661 The Anglican Covenant Proposal Annex 4 Annex 5 (Sunday)

GS 1663 Disability Issues for Ministry in the Church of England (Monday)

GS 1664 Forty-First Report of the Standing Orders Committee (Saturday)

GS 1665 The Archbishops’ Council’s Draft Budget for 2008 (Tuesday)

GS 1666 Sunderland Minster Representation Scheme (Saturday#§)

GS 1667 Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (General) (Amendment) Rules 2007 (Saturday#)
GS 1667, 1670 & 1671 X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1668 Archbishops’ Council Report (Monday§)
GS 1669 Annual Report of the Archbishops’ Council’s Audit Committee (Monday§)

GS 1670 Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (Accrual Rates) (Amendment) Rules 2007 (Saturday#)
GS 1671 Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (Guaranteed Increases) (Amendment) Rules 2007 (Saturday#)
GS 1667, 1670 & 1671 X Explanatory Memorandum

GS Misc 855A and 855B Private Member’s Motion: Possible Military Action against Iran (Saturday)
GS Misc 856A and 856B Diocesan Synod Motion: The Church Commissioners(Monday)
GS Misc 857A and 857B Private Member’s Motion: Ethical Investment Advisory Group: Restricted Investments (Monday)

The Anglican/Methodist Covenant: Living God’s Covenant: Second Interim Report of the Joint Implementation Commission (Sunday)

Annual Report of the Church Commissioners (Monday)

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Hugh of Lincoln
Hugh of Lincoln
16 years ago

Good news that Synod is to tackle race and disability issues.

Paraphrasing the paper on institutional racism, Synod might also be encouraged to include one on homophobia in a future session:

‘That this Synod, rejoicing in the enrichment that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people bring to our society and the Church of England, and reaffirming the grave sinfulness of all forms of homophobia, including institutional homophobia…’

The proposed Covenant sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the otherwise positive commitments to diversity and equality the Synod are asked to consider.

16 years ago

Annex 4 seems to be missing from GS 1661 on the Anglican Covenant proposal. I assume, since it from the MCU, that this is the Annex setting out the case against the covenant.

Simon Sarmiento
16 years ago

See later TA item for solution to this omission.

16 years ago

Is 1662 missing in the way that some people won’t number their house as 13?

Hugh of Lincoln
Hugh of Lincoln
16 years ago

After the dystopian novelty of 1661, 1662 is cue for something a little more traditionally Anglican – Evensong in the Minster, perhaps, or an opportunity to meet a representative of grass-roots Anglicanism – lay, gay Nigerian Davis Mac-Iyalla.

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