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GS: fringe meetings

The meetings of General Synod are always accompanied by a wide variety of “fringe meetings”.

At York, one of these will be organised by Changing Attitude as reported here: Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria to visit UK:

In York he will talk at a meeting of the CA York group on Saturday 7 July and a fringe meeting at General Synod on 8 July. He will meet bishops and members of Synod. He also hopes to meet Bishop Benjamin Kwashi of the diocese of Jos, Nigeria, who is at Synod for a meeting organised by Anglican Mainstream.

Want your fringe meeting publicised here? Write to us in the Comments.

Anglican Mainstream has announced its meeting here:

Bishop Benjamin Kwashi, Bishop of Jos, Northern Nigeria will speak at the Anglican Mainstream “fringe meeting” at General Synod on Monday July 9th 2007 at 1 .15 p.m. on The Anglican Communion – an African Perspective.

Bishop Kwashi has been Bishop of Jos since 1992. He has seen a number of his church buildings burnt to the ground and his wife was physically assaulted by terrorists in their home last year.
He is Co-ordinating bishop for the Convocation of Anglicans in North America and Chairman of the board of Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA) International.

David Mac-Iyalla of Changing Attitude Nigeria and Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti of Recife Brazil will be joining 70 members of General Synod to hear Bishop Kwashi. .

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17 years ago

Am I just being a clueless Yank here, or is there something rhetorically, um, unfortunate, in calling yourself a “fringe group”?

(In American English, “fringe group” is not something you want your group known as—and it’s certainly NOT the way I see Changing Attitude! ;-/)

Simon Sarmiento
17 years ago

“Fringe event” is a common term here to describe meetings that occur in connection with, but not part of the official agenda of a conference, any conference meeting.

Perhaps I have confused the issue by using the word “group”. I will change the title of the article.

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