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Primates: British papers

There is a veritable flood of writing about this.
The Times
Ruth Gledhill Threat of schism over gay bishop is empty, say liberals
Home town split over Robinson
Leader Tolerating intolerance
Andrew Brown So that’s all agreed, then, my fellow bishops. We don’t agree
Mary Ann Sieghart The burden of being a fair-minded Archbishop

The Telegraph
Jonathan Petre Williams foresees ‘huge crisis’ on homosexual issue
Leader A Church divided

The Independent
Williams sounds alarm in gay bishop row
Also a leader, which is not available on the web without payment, but is titled Dr Williams has put politics above morality by failing to stand up to bigotry

The Guardian
Stephen Bates Crisis looms over gay bishop in US and (filed on Friday) Mixed messages
Tom Wright That special relationship

See here for the RW Iraq interview story.