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General Synod Answers to Questions

Answers to written Questions have been posted on the Church of England website.
See press release ‘Virtual’ questions receive answers.

The original RTF file is here.

TA has provided an html copy of the file here.

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16 years ago

Two questions and an answer worth noting: Mr Nigel Greenwood (Ripon & Leeds) to ask the Chairman of the House of Bishops: Q30. Following their meeting with the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church from September 19 to 25 in New Orleans, the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council reported that the Episcopal Church has clarified all the outstanding issues relating to their response to the questions directed explicitly to them in the Windsor Report, and on which clarifications were sought by 30 September 2007 by the Primates, articulated at their meeting in Dar… Read more »

16 years ago

Another question and answer worth noting (and hello there Virginia…) Mr Gerald O’Brien (Rochester) to ask the Secretary General: Q40. What is the definition of “full communion” and with which other churches is the Church of England in full communion? Mr William Fittall to reply: A. Legislation uses the term ‘in communion’, which denotes a relationship involving a mutual interchangeability of baptized members and ordained ministers. A list of churches in communion with the Church of England may be found on pages 206-208 of the current edition of the Canons of the Church of England. The term ‘full communion’ does… Read more »

16 years ago

“At its meeting last month, the House received an oral report from the Archbishop of Canterbury on Anglican Communion matters (this was before the Report from the Joint Standing Committee had been received).” I just checked the Report of the Joint Standing Committee again. Philippa Amable (ACC West Africa) and Jolly Babirukamu (ACC Uganda) had been the only two who had not replied. However, the Report was revised on 23rd October to include Ms Amable as ASSENTING to it. That means it has now received 13 assents, 1 dissent, and 1 abstention (so far). Ms Amable’s assent is significant… Read more »

Colin Coward
16 years ago

Nigel Greenwood and Sr Rosemary CHN are both trustees of Changing Attitude. Thanks to them for tabling the questions and to Bishop Richard for his answer, which doesn’t exactly help us know whether Bishops like Michael Nazir-Ali are going to accept their invitation to Lambeth, and whether anyone much cares if they don’t (apart from the good people of Rochester who belong to Changing Attitude and have signed up to Inclusive Church).

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