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more bishops interviewed

The BBC radio programme Sunday interviewed both Bishop Duncan of Pittsburgh and Bishop Ingham of New Westminster this morning. Listen here (Real Audio required). This contains some fascinating statements.

Bishop Duncan gave no indication that I could detect that American conservative bishops intend working within ECUSA structures, but clearly intend to ignore existing diocesan boundaries. Bishop Ingham said that alternative oversight arrangements set up by him, and endorsed by the Canadian House of Bishops had been offered but rejected by New Westminster conservatives. He also noted that Bishop Duncan had visited New Westminster without permission and accused him of “cross-border raiding”.

In other news today:

A separate feature on the programme concerns the LGCM conference (Real Audio required).

Christopher Morgan in the Sunday Times asserts that Jeffrey John will shortly be appointed to a cathedral deanery in England, No 10 set to appoint gay dean. The article suggests the preferred deanery is Norwich.

Another report in the same paper says that Anglican bishop grabs white farm in Zimbabwe which refers to “Nolbert Kunonga, the Bishop of Harare and a close associate of President Robert Mugabe”. This article also available here, from Zimbabwe.

“The Anglican Church is going to be compromised by this action. It will debilitate our authority,” said a source close to Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. “Dr Williams is determined Anglicans should provide a solution and not a problem to the crisis in Zimbabwe.”

The Telegraph seems to be the only Sunday to bother mentioning again yesterday’s top story, I can’t wait to be bishop, says gay cleric.

I missed the Independent, which has Church ‘to split in a week’ over gay bishop.