Thinking Anglicans

one week to go?

Monday’s British newspapers all report on Gene Robinson in various ways.
The Independent not only reports Gay pastor employs bodyguards after threats but also features an interview with him, Gene Robinson: ‘Is the issue of my sexuality bigger than everything that holds us together?’.
The Telegraph has Gay bishop kept under 24-hour FBI guard.
The Times has two stories. From New York, Church begins property wrangle as schism looms reports the Pittsburgh lawsuit mentioned here yesterday, and in Gays are like wilderness Israelites, says bishop Ruth Gledhill reports on yesterday’s LGCM conference service in Manchester.
In the Guardian, Gay bishop vows to accept US post.

The Bishop of Washington, John B Chane has published a strong attack on the American Anglican Council in this letter to his diocese.

There is a report in Canadian newspapers, here in the Toronto Star, that disputes in the New Westminster diocese are wider than just 11 parishes.