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Canadians do it differently

In New Westminster diocese, it is reported that seven priests, who oppose the actions of the diocesan synod in authorising those parishes who wish to do so to conduct same-sex blessings, have been charged with eccclesiastical offences.

The charges, identical for all seven clergy, include disobedience to the bishop, contemptuous or disrespectful conduct towards the bishop, schism, conduct causing scandal, and “otherwise offences against the lawful authority of the bishop.”

Here is the report of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and here is the CP agency report as seen in the Vancouver Sun.

The row in Canada is a little complicated.

As this report on ACNS originally in the Anglican Journal of 8 October shows, Archbishop David Crawley, metropolitan of British Columbia and the Yukon has intervened in the dispute over which other bishop should be allowed to provide extended episcopal care to the dissenters. (Both New Westminster and Yukon dioceses fall within his province. Canada has five internal provinces.)
Bishop Ingham’s choice of a bishop to do this was rejected by those who formed the Anglican Communion in New Westminster whose own website gives the dissenters views on all of this.

As reported on the New Westminster diocesan site, “All five of the Anglican Church of Canada’s senior bishops have backed Archbishop David Crawley’s criticism of Bishop Terry Buckle of the Diocese of Yukon for interfering in the life of the Diocese of New Westminster.”
Here is David Crawley’s Letter to Anglicans in British Columbia and the Yukon.
And here is the letter from all the metropolitans.
At the time of the New Westminster decision in June 2002, the Primate of Canada, Michael Peers, issued this statement.