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An Irish view

Robin Eames delivered his presidential address to the synod of the Diocese of Amargh today. You can read the full text of it here. The section on Anglican Communion issues is essential reading. (Would that English dioceses had such good websites.)

Meanwhile the Belfast Telegraph speculated that Robin Eames would be chosen to chair the proposed new commission that the primates meeting asked the ABC to set up. Of course the Telegraph has mis-described it as the “Gay Clergy Commission” but never mind.
Update, Wednesday
The Belfast Telegraph was right, here is the official announcement of the appointment of the commission on ACNS, Anglican Communion – Commission announced.

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Matthew Sweeny
Matthew Sweeny
19 years ago

Well, assuming that there is no established topic to be discussed, I guess all there is for me to say, or rather, express, is how I feel being an Irish patron of The Church of England. Having been descended from grandparents on both sides of my family from Ireland, I still feel the repurcussions of being what some call a “travesty” a “traitor” or a paradox. We are all aware about the plight that the English forced upon the Irish peoples in the north to convert for the benefit of survival. Though this would seem a regrettable sign of compliance… Read more »

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