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two more items from the Chicago Consultation

The grace of communion, spelled with a small “c” is a talk given at the consultation by Dr Jenny Te Paa.

A new way in the wilderness is a sermon by the Very Revd Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, delivered upon her return from the consultation.

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The point about Anglicanism at its best is that it relates to a variety of faithful people around the globe, both Christians within, of all kinds of conditions and outlooks, and without, and people of other faith. That’s the sort of extendable communion (small c) I’m interested in, rather than centralised structures to passify those who cannot extend and welcome in.


What a wonderfully soul-strengthening sermon by Dean Tracey Lind! And what a bishop the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion will lose in her!

Cheryl Va. Clough

Jenny Te Paa comments that the loudest voices in the communion often are the souls who “represent” the communion and they are fighting to preserve their advantages, shamingly at the expense of the least. She comments about the doom filled schismatic rhetoric: “Notice how none of this is directly humanized, none of this is language popularly or commonly used to describe people, after all we are not fabric to be torn, anymore than we are irreparable. We are human beings, those created in the image and likeness of God. This rhetoric is surely all big ‘C’ stuff. None of this… Read more »


“Dean Tracey Lind . . . what a bishop the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion will lose in her!”

Perhaps what a bishop *Chicago* lost in her, Charlotte: as far as TEC (and the AC?) goes, don’t count her out yet! 😉


There is a strong and perhaps accurate rumor that Dean Lind lost the election in Chicago due to the laity’s fears of running afoul of Windsor/Dar es Salaam/New Orleans half-hearted promises to re-engage in bigotry. So the “liberals” have backed off. What do we get? San Joaquin and a threat to appease the hateful faithful by developing a “covenant” (contract?) by a ++limp wristed muddled ‘fraidy cat’ on the south bank of the Thames. I once heard a sermon preached on Christmas Eve that told of the story of the farmer opening a door to a barn on a stormy,… Read more »