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Halloween news

Tony Blair was interviewed on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show on Thursday, resulting in:
The Telegraph, Blair ‘has no problem’ with gay bishops
The Times, Blair: ‘no problem’ with gay clergy

The Guardian has The Guardian profile: Gene Robinson by their religious affairs correspondent Stephen Bates. Warning: this article will offend conservatives.

The Church Times has two reports online:
Commission to advise on Anglicans’ future
End duplicity, says LGCM
plus others in the paper edition only.

The Church of England Newspaper has surveyed about one-fifth of the General Synod members (that would mean around 120 people) and found that Synod members support Archbishop’s tough line and provides more details at Survey results examined.
This survey shows that, although rather few respondents are supportive of the consecration of Gene Robinson, neither is there any consenus in favour of the CofE taking action to distance itself from ECUSA.

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J. Collins Fisher
J. Collins Fisher
20 years ago

Isn’t a _Church of England Newspaper_ survey a “consider the source” question? I’m not saying it’s wrong (or deceptive), but I’d like to see exactly *how* the data was acquired (and preferably have it replicated by less biased researchers).

Peter Owen
Peter Owen
20 years ago

I am a General Synod member who was surveyed by the _Church of England Newspaper_. I was telephoned at home at 4pm on Monday afternoon. The caller said she was from the CEN, asked me if I was willing to take part in a survey, and then asked the questions. As far as I can recall they were exactly as published in the CEN article.

J. Collins Fisher
J. Collins Fisher
20 years ago

Thank you for your testimony, Mr. Owen. However, your experience doesn’t really address my basic concern. I am only newly aware of _CEN_, so I can’t speak directly to this situation. I only know that if I were phone-surveyed by the (U.S.) Republican Party (or a candidate), or the _Washington Times_ newspaper (owned by Sun Myung Moon), I would say “No thank you” and hang-up. Even *if* I trusted the objectivity of their questions, and the accuracy of their accumulated data (big Ifs), I would not trust those doing the surveying to use the information acquired in a principled way.… Read more »

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