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two explanations of the Archbishop's lecture

The Bishop of St Albans wrote to his clergy and readers: Bishop of St Albans says Archbishop’s lecture raises major issue.

Justin Lewis-Anthony wrote The Archbishop and those who will not hear.

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16 years ago

There is also a very interesting interview by the BBC with the Archbishop of Jos in Northern Nigeria, who talks of his own experience of being a Christian in a part of the country where Sharia law is used. Sorry I couldn’t find the audio — only the transcript.

John Omani
John Omani
16 years ago

Justin Lewis-Anthony’s precis is helpful, and yet the summaries lead to the same troubling implications. If the precis is correct, the Archbishop is raising questions that seem to be undermining the sovereignty of the Crown: that very authority under which he was appointed. Using the precis, let’s unpick some of these implications: ‘The authority which allows an equal citizenship should not be turned into the source of all authority in society. That way leads to ghettoisation’ This is nonsense; the rule of law works in precisely the opposite way. That authority which guarantees an equal citizenship, i.e. the rule of… Read more »

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