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American press reports

In the USA, the Washington Post has details of the planned protests on Sunday in Consecration Will Include Objections.
The Philadelphia Inquirer has a profile of both Bishop Duncan of Pittsburgh and Bishop Bennison of Pennsylvania (the diocese centred on Philadelphia, altogether the state is divided into five Episcopal dioceses) in Two Pa. bishops, one church divide earlier story from that paper is headlined As gay bishop’s consecration nears, Episcopalians talk of schism.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch notes that the Bishop of Virginia is preaching at Canterbury Cathedral on Sunday,Crisis and union in Anglican Communion.
The Indianapolis Star has a thoughtful column, Furor over bishop exposes problems by Tom Emrich.
Colorado is the home to some of the most vocal conservatives in ECUSA and Rocky Mountain News has these two stories, Episcopal Church at critical juncture and Conservatives to congregate.
in Rochester NY, things seem rather calmer, Episcopal churches embrace tolerance
from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
in New Hampshire itself, as in many other cities, this AP report was published, and here you can read the blog comments from Kendall Harmon about it.

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J. Collins Fisher
J. Collins Fisher
20 years ago

I attended the ordination of the Rev. Barry Stopfel to the priesthood in the Diocese of Newark in 1991 (IIRC, Barry was only the second publically-out ordinand at that time). The moment that stands out in my memory, was at the liturgically-set “objection” moment. An old guy tottered forward, and everyone held their breaths—but I don’t think anyone was prepared for what followed. The man begin screaming sexual epithets at the top of his lungs. I don’t think any XXX porn site could have competed w/ his language. It was dumb-founding.* What saved it all was the response of those… Read more »

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