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Official Reports: General Synod – Summary of Business Conducted on Wednesday 13th February 2008 AM
General Synod – Summary of Business Conducted on Wednesday 13th February 2008 PM
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Archbishop of Canterbury
contribution to the debate on a Covenant for the Anglican Communion

Church Times
Day three: Wednesday
Synod expresses its grave concern about gambling

Episcopal Life Online
ENGLAND: Synod discusses Anglican covenant; debate draws mixed reactions

Christian Today
Anglican Covenant will unite, not divide – Sentamu by Maria Mackay

Church Society
General Synod Report 13 February 2008

In the afternoon Synod debated eucharistic prayers for children and mental health issues and passed these two motions.

That this Synod request the House of Bishops to commission the expeditious preparation of Eucharistic Prayers suitable for use on occasions when a significant number of children are present or when it is otherwise pastorally appropriate to meet the needs of children present.

That this Synod:
a) affirm the vital necessity of improving services, in hospitals and in the community, for the support, care and treatment of people with mental health problems;
b) welcome the acceptance by Her Majesty’s Government during the passage of the Mental Health Act 2007 of amendments to protect the liberty and interests of those subject to compulsory detention and treatment for mental disorder, and express the hope that the operation of the Act will be carefully monitored;
c) note with concern the rising incidence of mental distress among young people;
d) call attention to the acute needs of people with mental disorders in the criminal justice system and request effective measures to divert them, where appropriate, from prison; and
e) welcome the recognition within mental health services of the significance of spirituality for assessment and treatment, and encourage parishes to ensure that the support and care of people with mental health problems, their carers and NHS staff is a key priority for the Church’s ministry.

The day ended with a general debate on the Anglican Communion Covenant and a vote on the motion ‘That the Synod do take note of this report.’ [where ‘this report’ was this]. The take note motion was carried by 266 votes to 20 with 19 recorded abstentions.

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Prior Aelred
16 years ago

As a Yank who finds the entire notion of a Covenant that seems to lack any purpose except to try to force gays back into the closet, I want to thank The Rev. Brian Lewis of the Diocese of Chelmsford, Bishop John Gladwin of Chelmsford, The Rev. Canon Ann Stevens of the Diocese of Southwark, Kevon Carey & a layperson from the Diocese of Chichester for their comments about the proposed Anglican Covenant & the “Windsor process.” After hearing the ABC say that the C of E recognized them as “the only game in town,” it is good to hear… Read more »

Bee Harries
Bee Harries
16 years ago

I am a service user of the mental health services in SE London and was priveleged to be able to talk to the West Lewisham Deanery Synod a few weeks ago now, about how the Churches may better support and include those in their number with mental health issues. I was then thrilled to see that General Synod only a couple of weeks later was discussing the same subject on Wednesday 13th. At a local level I would be privileged to be able to talk to any churches, groups, meetings etc., on this subject. It is a light hearted presentation… Read more »

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