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Electronic Voting

General Synod now uses electronic voting for some of its votes. This saves time at Synod but also means that voting lists can be made available. Those for this month’s group of sessions are now available and are linked from the agendas and papers page.

Unfortunately the lists come as pdf files containing only graphics of the voting lists, so, for example, it is not possible to search them electronically to see how a particular member voted. I have extracted the graphic files from one and fed them through my OCR program so that I could generate this html file. This is the voting list for the motion to take note of the report on the Anglican Covenant that was debated on Wednesday 13 February.

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Alastair Cutting
16 years ago

Photos of the voting gadget, and a bit of background, if you are interested, are available here:
and possibly also by direct link by clicking my name next to Posted by, below.

16 years ago

I see one bishop on the fence – John Saxbee. I suppose at this stage it’s as good a place as any. I see Giles Fraser and Marilyn McCord Adams against, which is the better position to be in. Other than the few, though, they do seem to be carrying this thing on at a fairly inconsequential stage – but then those who would want it would want to record several votes like this in order to so nudge it along.

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