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General Synod – detailed Church Times reports

The detailed Church Times reports of this month’s debates at General Synod are now available online. They are spread over two issues and are linked from these pages.

Reports in Issue 7561
Reports in Issue 7562

Or you can go directly to the individual articles.

Presidential Address: Sorry if I was clumsy — Dr Williams’s address in full
Bibles: ‘Place Bibles in every church’
Code of practice
Mary Tanner
Casinos: Synod urges fight on gambling
Ecclesiastical fees: Synod holds up fees decision
Terms of service: Synod votes down moving parsonages to dioceses

Detention of terror suspects: Case is ‘flimsy’ for extending detention
The Dioceses
Mental health: ‘Prisons are the new asylums’
Communion in LEPs: Dispensing with a C of E Easter eucharist
Children’s liturgy: Eucharistic prayers sought for children
Anglican Covenant: New Covenant draft welcomed more warmly
Crown appointments: Synod feels its way towards a greater self-determination
Relations with Rome: Spirit of gloom descends on Rome discussions

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Göran Koch-Swahne
16 years ago

The so called “Today’s English Version” is NOT a translation, but a paraphrase. A forgery. The Agenda behind putting “Bibles in every church” is obvious: the Integrism of heathen Hellenism, Egyptian Islam (Alexandria!) and 20th century American inerrantist Sects is to be introduced unawares into the Church. Further, putting “Gender neutral language” into a collection of pre-Modern books (the pre-Modern World wasn’t Gender Neutral, but Patriarchal – at best – often Hierarchical!) is a grave mistake leading into ERROR. Example: it is important – I repeat – i m p o r t a n t, that huios; “Son”, in… Read more »

16 years ago

In many evangelicals churches in the U.S. they have replaced the book of common prayer with bibles. The prescribed Sunday readings are often substituted with themes, such as being faithful to God, following God at all cost, Giving you broken self to Christ etc…The services are often in a 10 page bulletin (which is a waste of paper and enviromentally unhealthy), or they’re projected to the side of the altar or some other place in the santuary. Encouraging bible reading without some instruction. As many of us know, you can’t sit down and read a book that in parts was… Read more »

Göran Koch-Swahne
16 years ago

No one would treat the Law book that same way ;=)

Cheryl Va.
16 years ago

Protestants believe that the bible is the Word of God. Protestants believe that God speaks to us through the bible. Protestants renounce priests and sychophants who purport to have the only legitimate interpretations of the bible and act as its gatekeeper. Protestants believe that Jesus was ordained to be The High Priest who was able to avert God’s wrath so that all of humanity could enter into an amicable relationship with God. Protestants believe we can read the bible independently, come to understand God better, and enter into a relationship with God without any priestly intervention. Those who purport otherwise… Read more »

Spirit of Vatican II
16 years ago

I wrote up my thoughts on that speech of Archbishop Williams here: Your critical feedback would be very welcome, as I am unpractised in discussing these topics.

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