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Gene Robinson consecration

The BBC website is carrying this live video link of Canon Robinson’s consecration, starting at 9pm until around midnight or so GMT.

Three protesters came forward to object to the consecration when the Presiding Bishop asked if there were any objections. The PB asked that they be listened to courteously and without approval or disapproval. The PB interrupted the first protester when he began to describe explicitly various sexual practices, and he continued briefly. The third protester, Bishop Bena, suffragan of Albany, read a statement on behalf of 38 ECUSA and Canadian bishops. The PB then responded briefly, thanking the objectors for their concerns, and saying that the basis of their objection has been known to all those involved in the process, the diocese of NH, General Convention, and the Primates. The Primates, he noted, affirmed their desire that we should understand one anothers’ contexts, that this was precisely what was happening here, and that therefore ‘we shall proceed’. The service then continued with the congregational affirmation of the the bishop-elect, and then the Litany. There was no sign of any disturbance or of people leaving the arena, but this may have occurred out of camera.

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Simon Sarmiento
Simon Sarmiento
20 years ago

The wording of various objectors’ statements can be found on “Kendall Harmon’s blog”:

Paul Brock
Paul Brock
20 years ago

2 Samuel Ch 11 v 17: but the thing David had done displeased the Lord

but the thing the episcopal church had done displeased the Lord

Quite frankly, I can’t see the difference between the 2. Do not be deceived in your thinking – the Lord God does notice these things. I just ask that you don’t come running to me when judgement hits you – if my predictions are right, it could could hit you VERY HARD.

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