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some reactions to the report

The Prime Minister’s Spokesman said:

Asked if the Prime Minister accepted that the Church of England had been marginalised in the last few years, and that it had not been listened to perhaps as much as voices from other faiths, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister would not accept that at all. The Prime Minister was obviously keen on engaging with all of the major religious groups in this country to ensure that their views were properly aired. We had worked very closely with the Church of England and other religious groups on a number of important policy issues such as the campaign on global debt reduction, which was very much lead by the Church, and which the Government responded to in a very significant way.

Francis Davis one of the report’s authors wrote this: ‘Moral, But No Compass’ – a challenge to every politician.

A Telegraph leader says: The Church of England sees sense.
And George Pitcher writes Labour has bungled religion.

The Times has David Aaronovitch saying The Church of England should drop its martyred tone.
And the letters page has several who disagree with the report: A grown-up Church should not need the State.

At Ekklesia Simon Barrow has written about A wonky church and welfare debate.
And there is a further news report at Church and welfare debate continues as new report is published.

And here’s a speech on the same topic, given last week by the Archbishop of York to the Institute of Jewish Policy Research: Archbishop’s Speech on The Role Of Religion In Politics.

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15 years ago


I have always loved the Jesuits and always believed that they love us (Anglicans). They do! How moving and sustaining.

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