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General Synod press briefing

Updated early Friday morning to add Church Times article

The press briefing for next month’s meeting of the General Synod of the Church of England took place earlier this week.

Here is the official press release.
July Synod Briefing: Key debates on women bishops, clergy terms of service legislation, climate change, church tourism, ecumenical relations, reader ministry and parochial fees

Here are press reports, although some stray into matters not on the agenda.
Glyn Paflin in the Church Times Women bishops issue may dominate Synod
Riazat Butt in the Guardian Church leaders fear summer of strife over women and gay clergy
Martin Beckford in the Telegraph Church of England faces compensation bill over women bishops
Ruth Gledhill in The Times 500 clergy set to desert Church over ‘betrayal’ on women bishops

Here is our summary of the agenda and our list of online synod papers. The official list is here.

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Simon Sarmiento
15 years ago

The report listed above from The Times was published prior to the press conference on Monday. The Times was not present at that press conference.

Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
15 years ago

What I want to know is where GS Misc 885 has got to. It has apparently been circulated to GS members, but is not available online to the rest of us. It is supposedly available from Church House Bookshop, but I’ve failed to track it down on their online site.

It is also interesting how the press coverage has such a determined focus on fear and greed, rather than grace and faith.

Peter Owen
15 years ago


Is this what you are looking for: “Women in the Episcopate? An Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue”? It is on the Church House Bookshop website here:

Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
15 years ago

Thanks Peter. I’ll probably be able to pick one up today anyway.

I’m still wondering why a paper with a GS number isn’t online with the other General Synod papers.

Peter Owen
15 years ago


Quite a lot of GS Misc papers are not put online, although I think the proportion that are has been increasing over time. You can see this if you look at my list of online papers here.

This list also includes a few papers that are no online but that I know to exist.

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