Thinking Anglicans

further comment on the London church service

The New Statesman had A discreet wedding… by Brian Cathcart

The Economist has Two weddings and a divorce

America has A Turbulent Priest and the Anglican Headache by Austen Ivereigh

The Evening Standard had The Anglican ‘gay wedding’ and a distinctly turbulent priest by David Cohen

The Daily Mail had Gay priests, marrying, a smirking Prince and this insidious cult of self by Stephen Glover

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Una Kroll
16 years ago

Yes, we can profoundly disagree. To do that we need to respect those with whom we disagree, accept our differences, contribute our own opinions in love, and recognise that in Christ we are one-and equally loved by God. The bonds of Christian love should be what holds us together, not imprecations, rigid exclusiveness and constructed covenants that cannot command consensus. Unabury

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